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The MIR-study


MicroRNA is promising as a biomarker in germ cell tumors.

The SWENOTECA MIR-study consists of several modules: 


Module1. Determine miRs before and after orchiectomy with one sample before and three measurements the days after orchiectomy to determine the half life.


Module 2. Use miRs to determine tumour response to chemotherapy and aid in decisions on treatment intensification or stopping therapy in testicular cancer patients with metastases.


Module 3. Assess the value of miRs to detect early recurrences after initial staging and therapy.


Module 4. Determine the clinical role of tissue markers in primary testicular cancer tissues.


Module 5 Determine normal levels of relevant miRs in control men


Module 6 Korrelation of markers detected with GWAS studies with the clinical presentation (stage)  and prognosis (respons to chemotherapy and recurrence)


All patients with germ cell tumors can be included. patients can be included in several clinical settings.

  • Before orchiectomy

  • At staging/before adjuvant chemotherapy

  • Before treatment of metastatic disease


Questions regarding the study can be directed to Olav Dahl


Sponsor: Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway

Primary Investigator: Olav Dahl






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